Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I chose these images for improvement, because some of them are not completely in focus, and others have no true focal point. When i looked at these images, there is no creativity to them, they are the images you go and take out because you see something that everyone else does.

Prized images

I chose these images as my top, because when i took them i managed to capture something interesting about them. The one on the stair case i told her to sit in the light, then without her noticing i captured her thinking and when it came to editing i darkened the stairs and made her stand out. Another image i chose was the compassion between the two people, by washing out all the colour and making the hair stand out, the image seems angelic and soft. The other images i chose i experimented with colour and how i shot the picture, with the girl lying in the grass, i took the picture from above making her seem part of the flowers where we can see her expression for she is happy.

What i have learned

What i learned about media is that its everywhere. From the pen in our hands to the commercials on our television screens, all companies are trying to catch our attention. Media isnt just what we should be convinced to by, but it is also to help out in the world. For example, all the commercials made to help kids in Africa are part of a media system, for the more attention they grab the more help has been made. And with either realising it or not, but if we stared at the brands that we are wearing, its all companies trying to get there names out so that people will buy there products.

Photography and image making is important to the world because without it, not everyone is able to understand whats going on in different parts of the world. Without images we are unable to see what countries are like for traveling, unless you have already explored the place in depth. Or to help all the world problems which need to be fixed. Images are extremely useful, and even if we dont notice we see thousands of them everyday as they are all trying to reach out and capture people attention in any way they can.

Leading Lines

Leading lines, is when you have lines which direct to the main focal point, my top image for this skill learned is when the guy is waving in the woods, in this picture, light is shone upon him through the cracks within the tree's and by having the tree's they are the lines which lead towards him making him the main focal point.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Action Shots

Action shots are created when bringing the shutter speed either higher or lower. By using this effect images images seem ghostly which creates a fast motion effect. Another way the picture can seem in action is by panning at the same time as the picture is being taken, for example i had the camera panned while he was walking so the cars seem blurry and the guy looks as if he is in motion.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Point of View

Point of view is when you try and take an image from a different perspetive. pictures are regularly taken from eye level, but by taking from above or placing the camera on the ground a different perspective of the image comes into effect and can be more interesting to look at then an image taken at eye level, for example, by placing the camera on a flat surface allowed the clock to be in clear view "focal point" and by using depth of field the back ground is blurred making the clock the clear focus. Another example is with the camera taken from above, which is shown in the images of myself with the camera taking the image from above my head.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Thirds is showing that in a picture, and image is divided into 9 parts, to make a RO3rds picture succesful, the main focal point should be shown within one of the 3 sections of the image. My number 1 image for this skill was the one with Barbara sitting in the stairs in the light. She is sitting on the right side of the picture making her the key focal point because the light is shot directly on her.


Portrait images are mostly taken from the shoulders up, so that you are able to capture true facial expression and emotion. My number one picture for Portrait was during the protest for "Invisible Children" where the guy was holding onto the sign, in which he is supporting the kids in Uganda to not become child soldiers.


When i thinking for my story picture, i decided that i was going to do child neglection and put my youngest siter in a box outside my house with a magnifying glass. Through the troubles of not having a magnifying glass the picture didnt work to well because it just looked like fun. So instead i focused on another global issue "Recycling" i have the water bottle larger then everything in the image, so it is the clear focal point and then using depth of field to blur out the back ground. Then when it came to edit the photo i made the back ground black and white and making the bottle in color so that you can clearly state that is the global issue.

Depth of Field

Depth of field is formed in the changing of aperature, in which there is a main focal point and then everything else is blurred. My top DOP image is with the dandilion and the bottle, as you can see with a lower aperature the back ground is more in focus, and the flower blends in more, but with the aperature set really high, you can see that the dandilion is the main focal point and the rest of the image is blurred.