Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What i have learned

What i learned about media is that its everywhere. From the pen in our hands to the commercials on our television screens, all companies are trying to catch our attention. Media isnt just what we should be convinced to by, but it is also to help out in the world. For example, all the commercials made to help kids in Africa are part of a media system, for the more attention they grab the more help has been made. And with either realising it or not, but if we stared at the brands that we are wearing, its all companies trying to get there names out so that people will buy there products.

Photography and image making is important to the world because without it, not everyone is able to understand whats going on in different parts of the world. Without images we are unable to see what countries are like for traveling, unless you have already explored the place in depth. Or to help all the world problems which need to be fixed. Images are extremely useful, and even if we dont notice we see thousands of them everyday as they are all trying to reach out and capture people attention in any way they can.

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